Starting yesterday afternoon I had to short circuit the pack after driving it until it would barely roll. The pack seemed to develop the classic memory issue again. The pack was only good for 4.5kwh during a drive that day. Not good. So this time I loaded each half of the pack to 1.5 amps with several light bulbs. After a few hours the pack was low enough to load it will all the light bulbs across the entire pack. This brought the load to 2.5 amps. 22 hours later I connected the new 240vac Variac from Ebay to it’s bridge rectifier and started charging the pack.

I had to keep turning the Variac’s voltage up to keep the current at a good charge level of between 6 and 10 amps. That 240vac Variac really sped things up. I didn’t have to do half the pack at a time as with a 120vac Variac. We’ll see if this gets the range back up.

The weather has been in the 40’s to 50’s and I suspect it will lower the range.