I just bought another USE truck today. It runs even! 24.5k miles. It
needs the Emeter, air conditioning, fan switch, and something else
repaired. Of course the pack is junk. But it has the large lead acid
batteries from the EV-1 in it. Luckily it also has the second battery
box already installed behind the rear axle. So that leaves battery
options wide open. I have to find out from Cor what the dimensions his
box had so I can make sure mine will also fit the 110ah Universals if
needed. My pipe dream is to fit this truck with Lithium.

There is a 12 volt Vicor power supply under the hood. I don’t know
what it’s for. The AC has freon in it, just not enough I hope. The
Emeter had a home brewed dc-dc powering it. So maybe that died.

No tilt bed. I’d like to machine up some billet aluminum hinge parts
as I don’t have a welder, for the bed hinges.

This truck is an early one as it has the cell phone equipped data
logger and tons of thermal sensors in the pack.

I finally found a truck that Ken missed 😉