I plug the truck in Friday night. Let it charge. It does shut off, I
think. I was asleep so I am guessing because when I checked it in the
morning, the fans and relays were still drawing from the acc battery.
It was down to 6 volts. But the emeter showed zero volts. So I put the
charger on the 12v battery, and it was done when I got home Saturday
night. I plugged the truck into 120vac and it would not charge, or
even fault. So I turned the key on. The faults that came up in Dolcom
were 0001 0110 0000 0000.

Battery Voltage is too low. (lower than 270 volts)
12v bias supply is too low. ( Lower than 10 volts)
Power down sequence has been activated in the Dolphin unit.

The packs are at 305v. The pack’s relays are operating fine. The
trucks relays are not throwing closed at all.

When I turn the key on it’s not starting the truck. Only the fault
lite comes on.

So, I gotta dead truck.