You have never had to do the hard work towards these vehicles that the a few of us have Cor. You have never, ever had the same investment. You’ve allowed these two new members to waste our time with their attitudes and laziness. I’m still not putting up with these lazy punks Cor. I will stand my ground until I no longer am allowed to. I make these same posts in my blog knowing that some day, instead of addressing these issues I keep bringing up, you’ll take the easy way out and silence/moderate me.

Ever since you allowed Chris to steal from me, on or about posts number 2604, I knew from that point on that you could not manage a group. So I will stand firm on my position. Not all of them certainly, but specifically the two I have been addressing since they arrived. Remember, this problem never existed before you started this group. We all worked far better together in the old group.

Don’t forget Cor, I have Chris’s stealing from me carefully and completely documented. Before and after post 2604 for others to read if they’d like. I have all of the emails, and I posted the entire time line in this group and on my blog. If he wants to go to court over it, I’d welcome the opportunity to embarrass him in court, and to forever document into the public record what he had done.

No only does he have to sue me in California, he also has to prove damages. Otherwise he can face sanctions. It’s far cheaper to just be accountable for your actions and make up for the damages done by breaking the injured party 100% even for their losses. You will be subpoened to testify as well Cor. How pricey are those airline tickets from India? Chris would have to ship himself and his lawyer out here as well.

It’s not libel or slander if you can prove it.