Let’s refresh your memory.

I’ve generated a time line of the whole processor project. I’ll go
over the highlights here. The complete version of what happened is below.

To start with, I was very clear several times that you were not to
burn any of my processors without my consent. Posts 1025, 1195, 1197
cover this. In post 1565 I clearly state that I did not order the 2
extra “Goodchips” to be burned. Then there were the 2 damaged
processors that were ruined. All of these posts go in direct
opposition to my requests of not burning processors until
compatibility testing was completed.

I also asked many times what you wanted in exchange for your work
burning these processors. Posts 755, 773, and the emails from 7/13/06
make my position on this clear. These are listed in the complete
version below.

Not to mention that you showed goodwill in funny ways when I asked for
weeks on end what software you were using to burn processors and you
refused to tell me even though you were using it constantly. Posts
1142, 957, 791, 789 cover these repeated attempts to simply get the
name of the software from you. I even offered to buy the software for
you to compensate you for your efforts.

Then after my repeated posts about not burning my processors and
asking you clearly about what you wanted for compensation over and
over again, in post 1567 you have the balls to claim 3 of my blank
processors for payment after you made and ruined several without my

If you do find that the Goodchip parts are able to be made compatible
with Dol7 in a reasonable time frame, then I will consider those parts
to be useful. Then you will only owe me for the 2 that you ruined and
2 that you kept. If the Goodchip parts cannot be made compatible with
a modified Dol7 then you own me 4 blank processors, as I have only 11
of the original 15 here in front of me.

This email is a demand for replacement of the processors not sent back
to me.


Below is the complete time line:

6/29/06 Post 720: Here is Chris’s stated willingness to burn processors: “Send a blank chip over. One thought of mine is to establish the First Dolphin bank. Send me your chip, some love, and a blank chip and I’ll (a) Make you a copy (b) Send you the S19 dump (c) Keep a copy here for reference. Chris”.

7/04/06 Post 748: I announce I’m ordering processors and ask the group if anyone wants any as well: “I may need a couple. Anyone else want in?”. A few people request processors in the next few posts.

7/05/06 Post 755: I asked for the first time of Chris what he wants for programming the processors: “Since we are up to 6 units, I ordered a tube of 15. What kind of “love” do you require to burn these one time programmable parts Chris? Mike”

7/05/06 Post 762: I inquired the first time as to what software you were using to burn the processors and about the programming board: “Sounds good. Building it sounds simple enough. What do the parts total? Software? Mike”

7/06/06 Post 773: Once again I ask how much does Chris want to burn these processors: “Chris, How much does ‘love’ cost? I just purchased 15 uP’s. They will need to be burned for at least 3 people that I know of. Mike”

7/06/06 Post 786: Chris’s response: “To be honest, I have no idea. Send em over; we’ll see how long this takes. Chris”.

7/7/06 Post 789: For the second time I ask about what software Chris is using: “Chris, What software is used for running your board? How much do the parts cost to populate it? Mike”

7/7/06 Post 791: Chris claims he does not know the name of the software. “I forget the name of the software; it’s a nice cute package that can either be used for free (and it takes 1/2 hour to program a chip) or you can pay $49 for the version that will program in a second.”

7/12/06 Email: Processors are in my possession. I offered to buy the software for burning them as Chris had mentioned the free version takes so long to burn the processors. At this point I did not know the name of the software Chris was using.

7/13/06 Email: I specifically ask again what Chris’s expectations are for compensation for burning processors. “What’s your expectation for compensation? I’ve offered to buy the software so we can both have a copy.”

7/13/06 Email: Chris’s response to my question of his compensation. CHRIS MENTIONS NOTHING ABOUT WANTING PROCESSORS USED FOR PAYMENT: “Oh you’ll owe me a board-level repair or two at some point. I thought about the whole money thing; and ya know I can deal with solar panels or goodwill or universal joss/karma or something. Just don’t turn around and resell them for over the blanks cost. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to copy the software illegally. 🙂 Chris”.

7/25/06 Email: I ask about Chris’s burning process: “Sounds good. Are you confident of the burning process? Mike”.

7/30/06 Post 952: Here is where the “Goodchip” processors are discovered to not be compatible with Dol7: “The processors that I got from Chris worked. When I uploaded my nimh constants into them they now fault out. When they fault the constants cannot be changed during that condition. So I have to send them back to Chris for correction. I’ve uploaded my nimh constants into several factory processors before this and they worked fine. So I will send Chris the constants I want programed into these parts and see if that fixes it. So that slows down the repair process. I still have not figured out how to test the IGBT outputs. Any ideas?? Mike”.

7/30/06 Post 955: I’m dying to get these processors done to finish up the boards I have to repair: “Gents, I really need to be able to correct a processor here at home when the constants go bad and the system won’t boot. Chris and Alex have both made this system. I need a schematic or an appnote so I can get these processors fixed so I don’t have to send them all the way across the country for Chris to fix. The software is needed as well. Mike”

7/30/06 Post 956: Chris’s response: What’s going on Mike? Did you sink the new CPUs? How about this: I’ll post my PCB layout board when I get back home. You can use that PCB company to make a couple of boards and build your own. Chris”

7/30/06 Post 957: Here is the explanation of what happened when the “Goodchip” processors were tested on Mike’s bench with Dol7 and failed. For the 3rd time Mike asked about which software Chris was using to burn the processors: “They need to have the constants reset. Apparenntly something is different enough that I cannot just load my nimh constants that work in the factory rocessors. The 3rd processor I changed one constant at a time. #116 was what made that processor stop working. The first 2 were complete downloads. One of my nimh constants and one of Rick’sconstants. I did just finish buzzing out the first 14 pins of the 32 pin DIP header near the hc711. Those first 14 pins go to the hc711. 8 of them are data pins many of them are ground and power. Is this not very close to the same as your board, but built into the Dolphin? How sweet would that be!! I’ll take your board layout! Thanks. We should compare your schematic to what I found on the DIP header. What software did you use for burning these uP’s? Mike”.

7/30/06 Post 958: Chris says” “I’m going out to breakfast right now so this will be quick: I am positive now there are different types of chip PROM programs. Can you send me one of your good chips so I can load it up and compare it to mine? This does however explain how I managed to wedge my chips. And we might want to use your chip programs to make more of those 711 chips. Chris”.

7/31/06 Post 959: I’m still waiting for the 3 processors from Chris so I can finish up the boards that Andy had sent me: “I can get you one of my good chips. I need those other three back so I can keep debugging. So when they get back here I’ll send you a good one. Are you going to be gone long? If so I’ll put the truck back together so I can drive it a little. Mike”

8/6/06 Post 1007: I ask about some “GoodChip” processors from Chris that I had to send back as they became inoperative when a fresh set of constants were uploaded into them from Dol7: Did you fix those processors yet? Mike”.

8/07/06 Post 1022 9:32am: Chris’s response to fixing the now inoperative “Goodchip” processors: “Yep, easy flash to fix. I can make a few more for you, or send these out. What I would *REALLY* like though is a different chip to try and program before I blow my image into the rest of the blanks. Preferably one from a working car.”

8/07/06 post 1025 10:24am: HERE IT IS FOLKS!! THE CLEAR AND DIRECT REQUEST THAT CHRIS IS NOT TO BURN ANY MORE OF MIKE’S PROCESSORS: “Fix those 3 first. When I get them back, then I can have something to debug with while I send you one from a working board. Please don’t burn any more new ones until I get to test the first 3 thoroughly and the next set too. Mike”.

8/07/06 Email: I had not recieved the processors yet, so I asked Chris about them: “Please get those uP’s to me so I can get this stuff off of my plate. Once I get them, I will then have enough of them to send you one with my code in it. It would be a good exercise to see what the differences are. Mike”

8/11/06 Post 1068: Chris’s response about the procesors not showing up: “This is annoying. Fedex tracking number is 8574 4671 2614 Shipped 8/8. Chris”

8/11/06 Post 1069: “Delivery exception: Incorrect address. Call them and ask where the heck it is. Chris”.

8/11/06 Post 1070: Mike acknowledges that the processors arrive: “Tell me about it. An hour thru rush hour traffic to get to FedEx. I have the processors now. #58 was missing from the address. Mike”

8/16/06 post 1105: After weeks of searching for the software that Chris will not give the name of, Mike finally found some software that may work and made this post: “Chris, This WP11 programming software seems decent except for the delay time. Is it worth the cost compared to others? Is WP11 used for the rom and eprom programming when creating a fresh uP? What utility did you get to read the constants out of the uP? I’ve got what I think is a useable schematic for a programming board. Can I look at yours? I need to get this tool made up so we can stop this cross country shipping madness. The last 3 are still functional 🙂 Mike”.

8/23/07 Post 1142: Yet again Mike asks what the name of the software is that Chris uses for burning processors: Will you tell me what software you are using to program the uP? Was it the one I asked you about a couple posts back? Mike”.

8/28/06 Post 1195: Once again Chris is reminded to not burn any of Mike’s processors: “I have successfully changed one constant at a time on one of the 3 that I sent you. So that might be the work around for now. But I don’t want to release any current processors to end users until we figure out what’s going on. I think we should avoid making any new processors until we know the failure mechanism. Mike”.

8/28/06 Post 1197: Chris agrees about not burning any more of my processors: “*nod* Scott’s chip was made with one of my blanks; I have a few of them myself, and half a loaf is better than none. However it’s the big reason why I have not burned the rest of your chips; we get one chance to burn EPROM. Chris”.

9/27/06 Post 1469: Mike mails Chris Rick’s original processor to make a copy of with Chris’s own blanks.

9/28/06 Post 1478: “Ok, I will *not* write to Rick’s chip, just read the EPROM and EEPROM into a file. I’ll burn a copy to one of your blanks, one of my blanks,and send those back to you. Now what is the original chip? Is it one with my EPROM/EEPROM, or something else? Chris”

9/29/06 Post 1490: “Thanks for all of the work. After you test a copy of Rick’s chip by uploading a full constant set,
then it should be safe to make copies, since that’s the failure mine have. If it works well then I’ll take 2 please. I don’t remember what I did to the other chip. Probably a full upload of constants. So I made it a rule to only change the ones I need one at a time. Mike”

10/04/06 Post 1548: “You need to build one of these boards 🙂 Seriously, right now I flashed one of the rick chips and am sending three chips back to you (rick, copy of rick, goodchip fixed). I can include another goodchip.s19 that I have
on the shelf if you would like, but making 3 more rick1 will have to wait till after the wife gives birth. Chris”

10/04/06 Post 1550 “I guess rick, copy of rick, goodchip fixed will have to do. My board is on my to do list. Since I have to wait you might as well send the rest of my blanks too. Thanks for the the help! Mike”.

10/05/06 Post 1560: “Ok, I had one more goodchip, so you’re getting four chips in the mail: 2 goodchips 2 rick1’s. Chris”

10/05/06 Post 1562: “Thanks. And the blanks too right? Mike”.

10/05/06 Post 1563: “Sorry, I sent the 4 chips out from work today. I can send the blanks over the weekend. Right now I have a total of 7 blanks, with two failed programming attempts. Mind if I hold onto one or two of them? Chris”.

10/05/06 Post 1565:

7 blanks
2 failed
1 Rick1 copy
3 burned for me weeks ago (One on its way back from you)
2 Goodchips (Prizm chips that won’t take a full constant set?)
15 Total

Let me know if this accounting is in error.

As for failed chips I’ll eat one, you eat the other.

Thanks, but I didn’t request the 2 Goodchips to be burned. I will
return them as I already have 3 of them. So you owe me 3 more
replacement blanks for a total of 10 blanks.


10/05/06 Post 1567: “Let’s see: Cost of love=3 chips. I’ll send the rest back. Chris”

10/05/06 Post 1574:

Actually it cost me far more than $60.

It cost $340 to get 15 processors to my door. Here’s the return.

3 Copies of an early Prizm chip. Fail to function whenever a full set
of constants are downloaded into them. Semi useful for testing, but
not a shippable part to a USE owner. I asked for these, but I did not
know they would not handle a full constant set download.

2 Failed to program. Hmmm.

2 more Goodchip.s19 parts that I didn’t need, request or authorize to
be burned.

1 Rick1 copy. This is the only good chip I get back that supposedly
works. This is the only chip that proves we can copy the most updated
chips we have in our vehicles.

7 remaining blanks. Barts new board gets one, Barts old board gets
one. That leaves 5 chips to service the future. There were at least
requests for 5 spares. So there really are zero chips available to
service future needs.

So your R & D efforts cost me 8 chips to get one good one back. That
makes the cost about $160. The only problem is I have to spend another
$340 in order to get the $20 unit price. Otherwise our chips cost
$30-$40 each.

The work you have done Chris is for the whole group, not just me. So
how you treat this chip burning process effects all of us. These guys
are waiting for their boards, patiently. They need processors to help
finish their boards. We as a group need the chip burning process to be
solid and proven so we can rely on them while driving around hardware
that we know has issues, but return a better than 8:1 success ratio.

I know you’ve done some great work, and spent cash and time too. But
I’ve got thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into this project.
I am working non-profit here, supplying free skilled design,
manufacturing, and repair labor.

When you told me not to charge people much more than the cost of a
chip, now I’m stuck holding the cost for way too many bad chips. That
at least doubles the cost to the end user for me to get my money back
out of it. I expected a failure, but nothing like this.

Your help is greatly needed here. But I think a more responsible
attitude is warranted.