– Looked at Coulomb chargers in downtown SJ.
One 208vac SPI and one 208vac Avcon charger were replaced with 120vac Coulomb units.
-Arguing about loss of 208v chargers in the 4th st garage with Tom Dowling.

Tom Dowling claims they will put in 208v Coulomb chargers when the connector standard is turned into a real product.

Coulomb rates:
$10 setup fee.
$15/mon for 10 night time charging sessions.
$30/mon for unlimited night time charging sessions.
$20/mon for ‘grid-friendly’ charging sessions.
$40/mon for unlimited ‘grid-friendly’ charging sessions.
$50/mon for unlimited chariging anytime.

– Titled, registered #2 truck.
Also ordered HOV lane sticker and San Jose parking sticker.
Ordered orbital buffer and supplies for polishing the paint.
Looking at Gel Cell batteries as they last a long time in the Solectria’s.

– Range on #1 truck was 12 miles.
Nicad pack needed to be shorted to zero volts.
Range and voltage is greatly improved.
May need to deep cycle a couple more times.
New 240v variac helped make recharging very fast.
This can only be done with flooded Nicads.

-The heater on the #1 truck works great!!

– SJEAA website updates
Added 3 links to DMV for the various EV stickers required for parking, charging and commute lane riding.
Will add more manufacturer and other links via the SFEAA website.

– Got rid of both S10 bumpers and the bed toolbox via Craigslist.

-My official weight loss for 2008 was 44 lbs.
Celebrated by having my first ice cream in many months.