Since the rectifier is now removed, why would I get 58 ohms across (-)
and (~) on empty holes? That sounds alot like a board issue. Have you
ever checked for this in your repairs?

I found the exact same bridge today. Same brand and country. It’s date
code is just 1991 instead of 1992. However, I also bought a bridge
that is 4 amps instead of 2 amps. It has larger diameter leads. But
the good news is that the holes in the pcb are perfect for the larger
bridge. It makes no sense to me to keep using the same bridge with the
failures being so common. I got some just in case the board owners
want a direct replacement. I think the original rectifier is just
wearing out. It could be a manufacturing process issue from 14 years
ago. So I’m looking for a higher rated replacement.

As for fuses, I’ll buy the correct ones soon. For now I found some 1
amp and smaller for debugging.

Since this is a common problem we need to tell everyone to get those 2
120vac wires fused asap. The structure of the circuit board gets
damaged, not just the parts. We cannot get any more boards, ever! Is
there anything else I should modify to better protect this board?