Not only did I FINALLY get the cnc system debugged after blowing it all to hell last weekend (along with my truck), it looked like the main filter caps and the fets could simply just be upgraded in voltage. This would prevent that last disaster that blew everything up and the system would get a nice increase in feed speed. The parts upgrade works great!! Wow, it went from 75ipm to 125ipm. It’s been up to 160ipm. But it was a little to unstable. At that speed there was a little oscillation at high rpm. Can’t tell if it’s the hardware or the pc that is the limiting factor. Makes it tempting to upgrade this old 800mhz pc to an old 3ghz Pentium. The faster the pc the faster the parallel port speed.

While debugging the cnc system, the quill suddenly stopped going fully upwards. It was hitting something hard. I called Don and he said the sheetmetal quill cover had broken tabs and was floating around. So tonight I called him and he walked me through how to take the top of the Bridgeport head apart to get the quill cover out. It was just a little work. Don nailed the diagnosis. I’ll get over to his house in the next day or 2 and pick up a new one from him.

Later this year, I will have had the mill for 10 years. Don has guy that might sell him a real Bridgeport CNC machine. He won’t jump on it unless I give him the ok. It’s not a bad price. I could sell my Bridgeport to get some of the expense back. Those original cnc’s have power oilers, chrome ways and very wide ways at that, along with ball screws on all 3 axis. The tables are not long and skinny. They are a lot wider. They were made for flowing lots of coolant on them. Don says the drawbar is some kind of quick change set up not the standard BP stuff. I told him we’d have to make it a step pulley setup. But maybe not. As long as it fits in my garage it won’t matter. Besides if I have to sell it, having it original would be more appealing to a potential buyer.