SJEAA Meetings

Working hard on Analog Lithium BMS board.
– Using Toner Transfer process.
– Print reverse image on a LASER writer only.
– Iron or laminate to copper.
– Etch in Ferric Chloride.
– Drill holes
– Test
– Next version could have an Atmel processor.
– for Toner Transfer details.
– Trying out GBC H310 Laminator

Bought 30 more A123 Lithium cells
– Hand tested each one.
– They are used cells.
– Most tested at 95% capacity with a 35 amp load.
– Will retest at 5 amps to see what cut Peukert takes.

HexaYurt Building
– Goal to have it half done by Monday or I quit building it and get a tent!
– Canvas K-Hinge makes for attaching all roof and wall panels together so tape is not needed.
– All panels are hinged to each other with canvas K-Hinge.
– Unit folds out in one continuous piece.
– between some panels a #10 zipper is sewn in so the joint won’t fold.
– Need some form of cooling.
– Spray bottle has been claimed to work inside Yurt for cooling.

Purchased 8 Dolphin boards.
– Two needed repair.

Saturday Aug 29th, 2009 EAA Rally.

Move the SJEAA website!!!!

Was at Robogames during the last meeting.
– Took my self balancing scooter.
– Converted from 4 NIMH packs to 3 Lithium A123 packs.
– Charging it with my rack mounted 60v 10a CC-CV power supply.
– Just received a small 36v 10a switching PS for mounting inside the scooter for on board charging.
– Added a reclining camping chair and a joystick for steering in place of barstool.
– Used both barstool and recliner at Maker Faire due to poor solder inside the, brand new in the box, Joystick.
– Took the scooter to the Maker Faire as well.
– Will be taking it to Burning Man.
– Finally got a new wheel from the guys at the Tech Shop.
– Drunk employee crashed the scooter, cracked an aluminum hub and a wheel.
– I was never told of the crash.
– He rode it without consent.

Mapped all of the hundreds of components on the Dolphin board to a spreadsheet.
– This makes possible the ability to compare parts from one generation of board to another.
– Should help find the differences in parts between relaible boards and non-reliable boards.
– The goal is to find the source of the dropout issues.

Purchased a 60v 30a constant current constant voltage power suppply from Ebay.
– It was supposedly fully tested.
– The fan, one filter cap and a third part were shorted.
– Repaired it.
– Works great for recharging batteries during load testing.

Bill and I are building a Yurt for Burning Man.
– See Photo.
– Most are assembled with nylon strapping tape.
– We are testing Liquid Nails and canvas.

Scored a dozen important circuit boards for USE vehicles.
– Was suppose to be split up.
– Suddenly found boards on Ebay.
– Emailed owner and asked if I could buy them. He agreed.
– Pissed off a few people.

Got moderated on my own forum.
– 4 deals went bad. Me mad. So sad.

GV wants me to make them Lithium boards.
– Never seem to have any money.
– They want to own the schematic.

We need a place to meet on August 8th. Ana’s ??

Added note to SJEAA website that we won’t be meeting here Aug 8th.

Saturday Aug 29th, 2009 EAA Rally.

Truck has reduced range due to cell to cell variation in capacity.
-Deep cycling the pack only lasts for a couple of weeks.
-Tried to deeply overcharge the cells.
-Mostly worked.
-Killed two cells in the process, but ruined 3.
-Cannot really afford new pack in this economy.
-No cell auctions this year.
-Gels for Solectria’s might be a good alternative for either truck.

Developed a high powered Lithium bms board.
-Bypasses 3 amps easily.
-At 3 amps the special transistor stays cool!
-Tons of work to figure out how to keep the transistor from getting hot.
-Most amps bypassed on lithium cells that I’m aware of!
-With more work, could be made to bypass 5 amps.
-Limiting factor is how hot the load resistors get.

Purchased a 1991 Honda Accord with 200k miles.
-Should have had a blown head gasket, but did not.
-Instead it had many other smaller issues.
-Currently replacing a steel coolant tube that had rusted through.
-Cooling system has had only water in it.
-The car already has many new parts.
-Found a rats nest under the air filter.
-Engine had a sizable hesitation to it.
-Gas mileage was only 20mpg.
-Failing smog test at home with Bar84 analyzer.
-Analyzer turned 30 years old this year.
-Had to replace all of the hardened tubing!!
-Tubing shattered like pasta noodles.
-Removed ‘obstruction’.
-Now it passed smog with great ease!!
-“I’m free from the plug!!”
-Took Friday and Monday off to work on it.
-Should be finished with cooling system this weekend.
-Vehicle has flat spot and needs some emissions equipment work.
-Good online Honda groups.
– 5 vehicles is too many!!
-Thinking of selling the wagon and the motorcycle.
-Funds would pay off the Accord rebuild expenses.
-Would like to work up to an Insight or early Prius.

Finally signed up with AAA.

We’ve lost 2 local EV dealers.

Ruf Porche Electric using Thundersky cells.

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