A great finish for an electric vehicle that is 17 years old, against Tesla’s that have 250% more power!!!!! <-- Click here!!!

For a 40% power increase, the 70kw upgrade (up from 50kw), and the Dropout Modification from US were used in this US Electricar Prism!!!

In the first part of day 3 our hero in his Prism is holding up well in his class
and total. The Volt is now 2 places above him in total. But over half the
Tesla’s are still placing under him!!

I hope I can get some video of this hot rod in action.

Zero Rally 2011

One of my customers has a 1994 Prism that he entered into an EV rally. A very
serious one. It’s only day 1 of 3, but the results are very promising. In his
class there are 9 cars. 8 of them Tesla’s. He is 3rd in his class today in a
freakin’ Prism! 6th overall in the rally. He beat 6 Tesla’s today!! Several
dozen cars entered. He’s also ahead of a Chevy Volt 🙂 He has some of my
specially prepared high performance US Electricar hardware. Depending on what he reports back on drivability, I may bump him another 20 or 30kw. He might beat me to being the first to do tire smoking burnouts in a USE vehicle. I should be the first with a truck at least 😉

His car does have a few issues. It faults over bumpy roads. It did it last year
too without my hardware. I suspect it’s his conversion to lithium created a
ground fault somewhere. I gave him the instructions on how to check for a ground
fault with the software. When he gets done racing we’ll see what he finds.

Finally, I get back to my racing roots!!

Here are Day 1 results. Look for Geo Prism.

Zero Rally 2011