Better charger fets were ordered today. The wattage rating is double that of the original fets. The rds of the IXFH44N50P-ND is .140 ohms. Rds on a IXYS IXFH26N50Q-ND is 0.20 ohm vs 0.25 on the original IXFH21N50.

The original MR826 charger diodes are too hard to get. So I found an equivalent at Mouser. 625-GI828-E3, 5.0 Amp 800 Volt.

I found that all of my spare charger boards have a bad T1 transformer on them. The secondary is open circuited. Rick had rewound his 5 years ago. So I am ordering wire and going to rebuild all of mine as well. They hold 407 feet of either 40awg or 41awg. Rick rebuilt his with 40awg. My math shows that it should be 41awg.