The pic shows that two power resistors in series with the two 120vac
wires going from J3 on the main board to P3 on the charger pcb, pins 1
and 4. They are the ones that smoked. I can only guess their value. 5
stripes. Starting with brown and black. The next 3 stripes were
vaporized. 5w or 3w rating Iā€™m guessing. Any idea what value they are?
Inductor perhaps? They appear to be carbon comp.

The fets on the charger are reading in the megohms range. The ohm
meter read fairly high values across the 4 regulators pins. But that
only shows no shorts, not failures.

I have enough pics to update the dead truck checklist as Iā€™m using it
now šŸ™‚