January 2011

All 3 of the knobs are machined. They just need the set screw hole drilled and taped.

Here are the scope pics from my spotwelder and from Fritz. Mine is on top.


Only the knobs need to be machined and installed. One prototype knob is installed on the 3rd pot for reference. Foot switch jack is the rear of the chassis.

Today I finished up the copper interconnects on the spot welder. It came out great. Such a tight fit. Mechanically very stout and it looks great. I fired it up and attached my scope to it. The cap and fet output pulses were cleaner than the ones on Fritz’s site. But his is a year old.

I finally figured out a way to mount the lcd. It will hang from the upper front frame with these delrin blocks. It will look great not having a cutout and screw heads sticking out the front of the bezel. I wish I could get a darker bezel to better hide the interior. I’ll have to hunt online for some. Tap plastics only that #54. It was the darkest they had. So tomorrow I will mount the lcd and cnc the bezel. The probe materials need machining to turn them into probes too.

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