March 2010

This morning I measured out the fet placement on the heat sinks, then wrote the g-code to do it on the cnc. I debugged the g-code on the cnc too. Now I can drill and tap all 18 holes in 3 heat sinks with ease. They will all be tapped for 4-40. 3mm would work too. I suppose I could drill a clearance hole and use nuts on the back side too.

Today I just announced the opening of the US Electricar store to the US Electricar Yahoo group.

I just got the huge 4 farad cap in the mail. Yesterday I found a nice Tektronics chassis at Halted that use to be some old test instrument. If it will hold all of the larger spot welder assemblies, then it will fit on my bench very nicely as it’s narrow. The chassis was designed to sit on either of two sides. I just need to start the assembly process.

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