July 2009

Here is a paper doll of the 160 ah Thundersky BMS board that I’m developing. Someday I’ll fab a board using the Toner Transfer process. Always a helpful process before paying for a batch.

I ordered 30 used A123 cells this morning. Should be here in a week. I’ve sketched up a diagram of how I can charge so many cells at the same time. I think strapping the whole thing to a 2×4 will work nicely. From the testing I did on Ray’s pack of A123’s, I think they will work great for the scooter and hopefully for the truck. This could be CNC’d and then a lid screwed on. The posts are close together. I don’t know how I’ll get a BMS board across those posts.

Here is a concept sketch of how the A123 module will duplicate the volume of a flooded nicad.

Here is an idea Mike Swift gave me for housing 10 parallel A123 cells in a similar shape to how the nicads are made. It’s tough to see all of the detail on the back of this receipt.

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