April 2009

Truck has reduced range due to cell to cell variation in capacity.
-Deep cycling the pack only lasts for a couple of weeks.
-Tried to deeply overcharge the cells.
-Mostly worked.
-Killed two cells in the process, but ruined 3.
-Cannot really afford new pack in this economy.
-No cell auctions this year.
-Gels for Solectria’s might be a good alternative for either truck.

Developed a high powered Lithium bms board.
-Bypasses 3 amps easily.
-At 3 amps the special transistor stays cool!
-Tons of work to figure out how to keep the transistor from getting hot.
-Most amps bypassed on lithium cells that I’m aware of!
-With more work, could be made to bypass 5 amps.
-Limiting factor is how hot the load resistors get.

Purchased a 1991 Honda Accord with 200k miles.
-Should have had a blown head gasket, but did not.
-Instead it had many other smaller issues.
-Currently replacing a steel coolant tube that had rusted through.
-Cooling system has had only water in it.
-The car already has many new parts.
-Found a rats nest under the air filter.
-Engine had a sizable hesitation to it.
-Gas mileage was only 20mpg.
-Failing smog test at home with Bar84 analyzer.
-Analyzer turned 30 years old this year.
-Had to replace all of the hardened tubing!!
-Tubing shattered like pasta noodles.
-Removed ‘obstruction’.
-Now it passed smog with great ease!!
-“I’m free from the plug!!”
-Took Friday and Monday off to work on it.
-Should be finished with cooling system this weekend.
-Vehicle has flat spot and needs some emissions equipment work.
-Good online Honda groups.
– 5 vehicles is too many!!
-Thinking of selling the wagon and the motorcycle.
-Funds would pay off the Accord rebuild expenses.
-Would like to work up to an Insight or early Prius.

Finally signed up with AAA.

We’ve lost 2 local EV dealers.

Ruf Porche Electric using Thundersky cells.

This past Saturday I went to the EAA meeting expecting to plug in and charge.
Didn’t happen. The GFCI had tripped on the Dolphin. Different outlets and a few
resets were fruitless. Vehicle still ran fine, but the GFCI would fail.

Here are the steps I took:

-Plugging in at home. GFCI still failed.
-Swapped the GFCI out with another unit. GFCI still failed.
-Visually inspected inside Dolphin. Nothing unusual.
-Isolated ground on AC line with 2 prong outlet adapter. GFCI did not fail.
Charger still works.
-Removed J2, the largest connector on the Dolphin. GFCI did not fail!
-Reconnected J2. GFCI failed again.
-Started truck. Measured ISO in Dolcom. Was -130 points below pack voltage. Not
good. Oh look, the pack has all of 4 bolts holding the lid on and it rained for
2 weeks….
-Took the lid off. No puddles of water found. But had a high humidity feel/smell
to the pack. This backs up the -130 count found on ISO in Dolcom.
-Hung the 12″ fan from the bed and let it blow on the cells all night.
-Next morning GFCI stopped failing. Charges fine on 120vac and 240vac.
-ISO at -100 counts below pack voltage, but pack much dryer feeling/smelling.

Time to go ground fault hunting in the pack again.