Robogames last meeting.

Going to Brazil July 23-30.
– Combat Robotics contest.
– Maybe sight seeing.
– Got my shots.

Testing truck for difference is processor operation.
– Taking scope shots of charger fet pwm.
– Chris shooting his mouth off again.

Recurved temperature gauge so it actually moves upward when it gets warm.
– Always sits near zero.
– Can’t tell if there is any temerature change.
– Now the needle will swing 1/4″ for each temp change.

USE member making a new software interface for the Dolphin using Labview.
– Could disable a vehicle easily with a rookie owner.

Shipped last Dolphin board for the summer!! So the to do list looks like this:
– Make A123 Lithium module. All meterials in house. How to connect copper plate to 10mm copper stud???
– Bought another A123 Dewalt pack from Ebay. Slow shipping. Need one more to make 2 modules.
– make/find BMS for same. Could use Richard Hatfield’s BMS.
– Install A/C.
– Install Thundersky lithiums.
– Install Richard Hatfield’s BMS for Thundersky’s.
– write BMS talk for SVEAA Oct/Nov time frame.

Nicad Pack just hit 10k miles!!

Figured out that the Bar Graph BMS display will fit nicely in a machined rectangle in the dash gauge cluster.
– Machining of cluster face and lexan backing is easy due to being flat.
– Plenty of room behind cluster face for LCD mounting and cable interface.
– cables will leave cluster through slot machined in open area in back of cluster.
– Some software and hardware changes to make it universal for all USE owners.
– Only handles 18 batteries right now.
– Tim’s design will work, as designed, in my truck, but not in other owners vehicles.

Watched prices of Honda Insights on Ebay.
– 35k-45k miles = $16k-18k.
– >100k miles = $11k-12k.
– Some with Salvage titles.
– Santa Cruz Insight has a new battery but only a 12k warranty due to salvage title.
– Appears that salvage title kills battery warranty.
_ Do Insight batteries use welded tabs? compression? Soldering?