Took the scooter to the Maker Faire.
– Saturday just watched combat robots.
– Sunday I decided scooter was safe for no helmet riding.
– Gave rides to a dozen people.

Got interviewed many times.
– Chronicle
– Mercury news
– NY Times.
– Daniel interviewed on Maker TV
– Daniel gave an interview with him and the cute reporter on the scooter.

Found a shorted cell in one of the nimh packs.
– New ones have been ordered.

Sloppiness found in a gearbox.
May make scooter for 2 people.

Saw the CalCar Prius crew.
Peter’s serial hybrid bikes.

At the SJ convention center this past week there was once again a huge GM SUV parked backwards in the EV parking spot.

– looking around, there was a distinct pattern of one 120vac outlet per each wall
mounted fire extinguisher! There were at least 10 that I could see!
– So I plugged in and charged off one of them!