February 2008

Man, I have had the ground fault from hell. Sunday there was rain and
the pack was fine. I went through the pack expecting for it to be time
for a full watering. The charger setup has worked great at not boiling
off water very fast. But Monday morning the truck faulted. I put the
fan over the pack to dry it out. This has worked well before, but not
this time. It helped, but not enough.

So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked each night hunting down and
killing ground faults. There was a sizable one regarding the 27
bluetop nicads on the drivers side of the pack that I fixed on Monday.
They had lots of KOH on each of their sides. Cleaning them up took
care of that ground fault and allowed the truck to run. Software
showed a bit of ground fault still left, but good enough for now. When
Monday morning rolled around, the truck faulted again. So I took the
10mpg wagon to work. I traced the ground fault to another area. These
were greentops and were nearly clean and in the end didn’t change
anything for all of that work. Still faulting.

The pattern of finding and cleaning up ground faults has not produced
a running truck yet. Bummer. So far I’ve put $125 in gas in the wagon
for the past month in just two tanks. That’s a year’s worth of
electricity at work. They charge me $10/month.

The hard part is that the ground faults seem to move around the pack.
I’ve seen this before. It usually means the ground fault encompasses
many cells. But this time it seems to imply a huge portion of the pack
is ground faulting. So tonight after eating, I think I’ll just watch
the tube and whine since I’m so tired.

The worst part is that the rain has stopped and it’s sunny with blue
sky’s and I’m stuck with a gas hog. This weekend I’m going hunting
with a big gun and am going to kill me a wild ground fault or two….

EAA 02.09.2008

***Group Business***
Website has a new techlinks page.
-Unfinished! Unreleased.
-AC vs DC systems
-Peukert factor
-Both LRR tire files
-120vac vs 240vac
-PG&E CO2 footprint Calculator added
-Needs a new picture


Pack should need a watering in the next couple of weeks.
-6 months between waterings!!

Massive ground faults
-Lots of rain leaking into pack on cell tops.
-Stranded after car wash. Limped home. Several restarts.
-Vacuumed up excess water from cell tops.
-Dried out pack with a fan for 48+ hours.

John’s USE car up north in now running.
-Rebuilt 3 of his boards.
-Traded for a charger and a DC-DC converter.

Mike’s USE truck in SoCal should be running today.
-Just needs help lifting up the bed so he can attach the pack.

3 More USE boards sent up from SoCal.
-All 3 are running now.
-Still have many bugs on 2 of them.
-1 has only dropout issue.
-Was told I had to charge cash for the repairs.

A123 Lithium module
-Design the stud to spreader plate interface.
-Braze? solder? Machine?
-Stud? Threaded?

USE test fixture
-Now has Motoring mode testing installed.
-Added throtte pots
-added brake pot
-Many things run only in motoring mode.