October 2007

EAA meeting 10.13.07

No more 230vac charging at work.
– Power needed for change in building layout.
– Demoted to 120vac but with an outside outlet installed just for me.
– takes 5 hours, 3-4 times longer to charge.
– Can’t run company errands any more.

Time to get the pack lid sealed to the box.
– Luckily I duct tapped it closed Friday morning before work!!
– Still got one fault on the way home.
– Need to drill out and install threaded nuts.

Heater might get replaced with an external heater that is used in trucks.
– Two SOCal members have made this install already and say it blows very hot air.

Drop outs are becoming so frequent that it’s time to try another main board until this issue gets figured out.
– Several guesses in the group.
– No data for problem except mine and a few scattered fixes.
– I’m convinced that components are drifting out of spec due to the wear out factor experienced in two main boards.
– worse in cold, humid weather.

– A USE truck sold for $13.1k on Ebay.
– Purchased copy of all doc’s and cd’s for $75.
– Ended up with nice schematic drawings of the Air cond system install.
– Whole truck wiring on one D size drawing.
– Software called Buscom to talk to other processors. This could help de-mystify the drop out issue.

Built a new computer. Yippee! It’s much faster.

Closed down motor control business after 4.5 years!
– focusing on Dolphin boards now.
– EE job can produce burnout doing that same things at work and home.
– Could allow time to work on BMS system once again.

Working on making my workbench more anti static compliant
– rolling chair on hard plastic matt generates alot of static.

Moved a couple of Dolphin customers to Chris Zach.
– He claims 100% success.
– Is charging up to $1000 for a board repair.
– I just trade for parts.

Vacuum switch for power brakes still not found.
– Ron has solid state version part number??

Nice report on Lithium battery cells from EVDL member in Australia.
– Might be a good place to send Lithium test requests to.
– Have URL is needed.



I ordered some leds and swapped out the ones for the 3 dash indicators
our trucks have. They worked ok, but were very dim in the daylight. So
tonight I installed a set of brighter ones. Neither set was an exact
fit. They had to soldered in. As it turns out there is a wiring
harness that USE installed to make the stock Chevy dash work with the
Dolphin. So soldering to the flex circuit board is ok. Now they are
very bright, at least in my garage. Tomorrow I’ll see how they do in
daylight. The other reason for opening up the dash was because I
forgot to plug the antenna back into the radio a couple of weekends ago.