I have an Emeter in my truck. It can get a little as 280 wh/mi under
45 mph. Most of the time it’s 350 wh/mi combined city and 50mph steady
cruising. Pure stop and go traffic is 400-425 wh/mi. 45-50mph is the
sweet spot for my truck. My truck weighs about 500lbs less than yours
because of the lighter pack. So your wh/mi will be higher still. I
also have low rolling resistance tires.

When I first received my truck the 64 ah pack would go 40 miles easy.
I’m confident it would have gone 50 miles if I had needed to.

After owning this pack I don’t put any faith into the resting voltage.
High impedance batterys can fool you badly. A load is very important,
even though lead acid has a fairly linear discharge curve.

The other thing that makes our pack not last long in USE vehicles is a
lack of BMS.