The Emeter dc-dc had a couple of opens and an intermittent short on
the power leads. Sloppy workmanship. But at least the dc-dc and the
Emeter, actually a Link10, are both working now. Learned how to get
the dash bezel out without removing the shifter housing or the lower
valence. Nice bonus. Of course there are dash lights burned out, like
charge complete and fault. Time to figure out which led’s I used in
the nicad truck and duplicate it.

The heater pump runs but no heater element current draw, usually 6-7
amps from the pack. This truck does not have that orange button
towards the top of the dash to turn on the heater. This truck turns on
the heater when the temperature know is over half way and the selector
is set to heat.

The air conditioning fans on the air conditioning inverter are
running, but no cold air, I think. The air routing into the cabin is
not controlled. I cannot switch from defrost to vents to floor. The AC
is not drawing any significant power.

That Vicor power module under the hood, is a 300v to 12v dc-dc. No
clue what it’s hooked up to. It’s tough to see where it all goes, but
I will find out.

Only 25 batteries in this beast. I need to turn the charger down.

Time to get a Bridgeboard into this thing.