Today I opened my first crowd funding request for funds to support my solar project for my camp at BurningMan. Here is the link.

New cylindrical pneumatic vibrator/stimulator design! It has a very linear and repeatable response curve! Frequency range is 45 to 100 hz. Amplitude is also adjustable. Comes with a control unit which can be actuated by a standard DAC module (National Instruments, etc) or any simple 5v source.

Can be purchased through

Today I took this Dolphin water plate cover and cleaned off all of the old epoxy sealer. I’ve scraped off several by hand in the past. The cnc made it an easy chore. Sprayed dust all over the shop. The panel was large enough that I had to do half of it at a time. The tiny remaining epoxy around the perimeter came off with my hand scraper. A few nicks were debured with a flat file. Next silicone sealer gets used to glue it back on. First I need to make sure the tiny flat head screws and holes are ok.

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