test drive

Today on the way onto the freeway, I hear a clanging as though something were falling out of the engine compartment. I looked back into my rear view mirror and found that there was something bouncing onto the road surface. I had to drive a couple of miles to get back onto the freeway entrance again. But there was the distinctive alternator pivot bolt in the middle of the road. I grabbed it and sure enough mine was missing. I had thought that maybe it was a wrench or socket that I had left under the hood. I carefully drove home and reinstalled it. Whew! Glad nothing else bad happened. I still need to look closely to make sure the bolt did not crack or damage the timing cover.

The AC was evacuated and a couple of ounces of oil were added. Then the R12 was added. The ac temps are great. After an 83 mile run nearly to SF, the car didn’t leak a drop. So tomorrow we head off for a long road trip to do some water skiing. That will test the AC and the radiator since it’s fairly hot there. The rear brakes feel like they could be adjusted a little.