First remove the bracket above the throttle assembly.

Removing the throttle shaft nut with an allen and then the throttle arms.

It’s hard to tell but there are 2 washers around the throttle shaft. The large rust colored one and the smaller on in the center with specs of white on it.

When you remove the washers this is what you see. The throttle shaft indexing. I made a mark on the shaft opposite the index mark that is all by itself. Click on this pic to see the larger image.

Here is the throttle shaft return spring right under the throttle arms.

Here the spring sits with the arms removed.

Here is a better shot of the spring and it’s upper and lower seats removed from the throttle shaft.

The throttle shaft is at the top of the pic. Pull it out.

The throttle shaft pushes right up and out of the upper half of the pump. I can’t seem to find the right oring for it so I grabbed one from my air conditioning assortment. I will use a Bosch oring instead. I just have to wait a day for the parts.

I ordered a new throttle shaft oring and removed my A/C oring by pinching it. It sticks up far enough to be grabbed and removed without any chance of scratching the shaft. Do this technique whenever possible. Make sure the thrust washer is still on the shaft when the final oring is installed.

Using tape to cover the threads and especially the index splines, keeps from gouging the oring during install. Use STP on the oring during install!!!! Insert the shaft back into it’s bore. Don’t add the throttle arms until the Final Assembly.