Not many parts to the pump shaft.

Notice how the 2 key ways line up on the same side of the shaft? A few more parts like the cam plate and the plunger also align to these keys. The 2 rubber dampers just fall out when you lift the gear up the shaft.

Here is how to put the rubber dampers back in place. Lube them up. Then push them in one end first. Then just push the other end in.

Use vaseline to hold the small key in place. Do no put the large key in until much later.

The small key engages that key way at about the 7:30 position.

Here is how the pump shaft looks as it’s being dropped into position. The lower end of the key is pushed in slightly so it will engage the keyway much easier as the the pump shaft is slid into position.

Here is the pump shaft in it’s correct position. That vertical oval slot in the back ground, has a round hole in the center of it that is out of focus. That hole needs to be centered so the large pin can be put back in.