Here is the solenoid located in the head.

Here is the solenoid taken out of the head and disassembled from. It got a new oring and re-installed.

Take a modified 6 point socket and remove the 3 point plug on the head. There is an oring on that plug that needs to be replaced. Removing the plug is much easier if the plate mounted to the head is clamped into a vice. That plug is in there very tight.

Here is the oring on the plug.

There are how the screws are located holding the rear bracket onto the pump head. Note the far left torx screw with the thick head. It’s also much longer. It can only go in that one position.

Loosen the screws evenly as there is spring force only against the 2 screws by the solenoid. At some point the head won’t rise up any more and you have to gently, evenly pry it up. Then keep unscrewing it.

As soon as all of the screws are loosened, remove the bracket and both of it’s allen screws, then put the white port cover back on to keep dirt out of the pump.

Then carefully lift the head off. Beware that there is a shaft that wants to come out with the head. Keep it all in the pump as you pull the head off. Don’t lose track of how the shaft is oriented either. It had a fuel delivery hole in what looks like a woodruff key slot. There is another slot like it on the other side without fuel delivery hole. This cannot be reversed or your engine won’t start.

This is how the body should look just after you remove the head.