This side was very easy to change out the quad seal.

The other side was ok too. Here it is apart.

Sorry for the blurry pic. I tried to show the scratches left by the last gorilla to rebuild this pump.

The quad seal goes in nicely. Due to spring pressure make sure to evenly lower the cover with the screws.

This is the second worn oring I’ve found so far. See the cracks along the edge. The first was the governor shaft oring that caused the fuel leakage. This brass plug screws into the KSB valve. The 3 orings for the inside of the KSB valve do not come in the kit according my local pump shop. So I ordered them. The quad seals between the KSB valve and the pump do come in the kit.

Cover the threads with tape to protect the oring from getting abraded. Use STP to lube the oring before install onto the brass plug.

The orings were replaced. That large oring was brittle. Both the brass plug and the solenoid were installed with new orings back into the KSB housing.

I felt the brass plug give suddenly as I was screwing it in. I took it back out to find that the oring had been split. I had used mineral oil for a lube. After that multiple sources told me to use STP Oil Treatment. That stuff turns out to be far more slippery than mineral oil. The solenoid was simply removed and given a new oring, lubed with STP, and re-installed. Sorry I didn’t get a pic of that.