See on the far right the shape of the shim that was taken out. That will be a reminder that it goes up against the pump body, then the round washer would go next during reassembly.

Lube up the new oring for the governor shaft with STP and install it on the shaft. Install the shaft until it just sticks into the governor area just enough to get both washers back on the shaft. Put them on in the right order.

Reinstall the governor housing onto the governor shaft.

You can see the 4 areas that hold the governor weights.

Look very carefully how the governor is assembled. There is a thrust washer (slightly blue color) that goes on top of the feet of the weights, in a groove on each weight. Then the black sleeve is slid onto the governor shaft. Push the governor shaft in a bit more but don’t allow it to move the black sleeve out so there will be room for the governor linkage.

The governor linkage, twists slightly as you raise it up from below. It’s a snug fit, but will make it. Screw in the two 3 point screws with their aluminum or copper seal washers to hold the governor assembly in place.

Here is the governor in position.

Here is the socket I used for the 3 point bolts. Only 3 of the flats in this socket need to be ground into an arc shape to fit the bolts.

Here I used a 3/8 socket, 1/4″ drive, to slip the o-ring over the threads without tearing it up. Large milk shake or soda straws work well for this too.

Make sure the oring is lubed very well with STP. Screw the governor shaft in with an allen wrench until it bottoms. The pump shop that advised me said to screw the governor shaft out until it’s flush with the face of the pump. Then screw it back in 1.75 turns. That’s what I did. Add the jam nut and torque it down.