As you loosen this jam nut, make sure the governor shaft with the allen socket in it, does not rotate. Once you carefully have removed the jam nut. Screw the governor shaft all of the way in until it bottoms, counting the number of turns as you go. Write that down!!!

I modified a 1/2″ deep socket to remove the 3 point bolts. Only 3 of the flats in this socket need to be ground into an arc shape.

This black governor linkage needs to be removed by taking out the two 3 point screws on each side of the pump housing with the modified 1/2″ socket.

The governor linkage, twists slightly, then drops straight down into the pump to be removed out of the back. Be careful, as now the governor parts will be to fall out.

Look very carefully how the governor is assembled. Take pictures here. That black tube slides onto this end of the governor shaft, then sits on top of a thrust washer. The thrust washer is blue in this pic, but it’s just polished steel. The thrust washer fits into the groove on all 4 feet. The weights are usually folded inward. I moved them out to take the pic.

Than take everything out of the governor and place it somewhere clean and safe. Notice the 2 timing marks on the perimeter of the governor housing at 9:00 and 3:00. I could find no reference on the web to see if they were required to be aligned with something. The mating gear did not have any marks on it either.

Once the governor linkage is out, keep an eye on this thrust washer and shim between the governor housing and the pump housing. The governor shaft is protruding on the right of this pic.

Unscrew the governor shaft then pull it out slowly. Notice the order of these 2 washers. One has a radiused edge that has to go up against the pump body.

See on the far left the shape of the shim that was taken out. That will be a reminder that it goes up against the pump body, then the round washer would go next during reassembly.