The fuel screw gets removed, a new oring added, and then reinstalled in this step.

Yet another warranty cover. This time it’s over the fuel delivery screw. More fun!!

I used the Xcelite 1/8″ screw driver to pry out on this cover. It finally took the large dikes to cut it off. There is an oring and a crimp on the shaft.

The shaft is left damaged from the crimp being on here so tight. Jim Lane at wondered why these screws were damaged like this. Here is why.

Here is the tab that shows this pump is dead stock. The nut was very tight. When I got it off with an impact, the tab sheared off.

This screw is super important to get back into position. .716″.

This is how I actually took the measurement.

Here is the screw removed. I used tape to keep the threads from messing up the oring. Soda or shake straws cut to length work great too.

Oring in home position without a scratch. Remove the tape. Reinstall the fuel screw, set it’s height, and tighten the jam nut.