Drop in all 4 screws. Carefully install the governor spring between the top hat on the governor and the throttle arm as seen here.

As the assembly is brought down to the pump body 2 things have to happen to make them fit together. The collar on the screw at the far left in this pic has to make it to the larger hole for it in the pump body. This is tough because the fuel screw is pushing on the governor arm that has two strong springs on it. It might help a little to back the fuel screw almost all of the way out. It will still push on the governor arm, but it will interfere less. Be careful not to let the collar scratch or gouge the surface of the body. That might cause a leak since that is the surface that the seal sits on.

Once you do get the upper assembly mated to the body, turn the screws in evenly. It’s a little easier to add the throttle arms after all of the screws and distance settings are done.

Set the correct distance that you measured and wrote down for your pump on the fuel limit screw.

Here is how the two bushings and the spring are assembled.

Slide the 2 springs and both bushings onto the throttle shaft. Here is an easier way to wind up the throttle spring while putting the throttle arm over the shaft. I just used an allen key for leverage. Worked very nicely to hold the spring out of the way while the lower throttle arm is installed and correctly indexed!!

Notice how both hooks of the springs are wrapped around the posts. The lower throttle arm is installed.

Here you can see the mark I made on the throttle shaft that lines up with the single index mark on the lower throttle arm. Click on this pic for clarity.

In my hand is the nut and the upper throttle arm. Over the throttle shaft I placed the lock washer and the large rust colored thrust washer. Then the upper throttle arm is added followed by the nut. Tighten the nut, but not too hard. It’s only a 6mm thread.

Add the TPS bracket. Carefully tighten the screws as they are threading into aluminum.