October 2011

I added a category for each step in the rebuild process. That way each step can be found without having to look through the entire blog. Also I added a category called VE Pump where all of the steps can be called up with one click. This should be much closer to a completed guide.

Yesterday’s 207 mile run on 8.0 gallons to get the front bumper swapped netted 25.8 mpg with the cruise control set to 65mph. Nice! And that is with the leaking fuel tank lid.

Today I went out and planned on capping the vent tube that had a rotted vinyl cap. When I went to remove the remainder of the cap, the entire fuel/electrical assembly moved! The cap was very very loose! So I found my old strap wrench and took about 6 shots at tightening the cap on the fuel tank. I drove the truck around all day, and not a drop of fuel spilled down the sides of the tank!! What a difference!!

We will see how it affects the mileage with no known fuel leaks.

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